A Letter of Commendation from Angola

2024/01/25 11:49
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  Recently, the Office of the Director of the Comprehensive Technical Training Center of the Republic of Angola sent a letter of commendation to the project team of Zhongding International in Angola, mentioning that with the trust, guidance and support of the Economic Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce and the Chinese Embassy in Angola, during the period of COVID-19, despite of the severe epidemic situation and the difficulties such as poor flights and sea transportation, the project team stuck to our posts, effectively ensured the timely delivery of materials, equipment and foreign aid technicians needed for the project, and guaranteed the smooth implementation of the project. Besides, the outstanding contribution made by Zhongding International and the project team in the China-aided construction project  was highly commended for the construction quality, fast progress and  management level.   

Mr. Chen Feng, Chargée d'Affaires of the Chinese Embassy in Angola and Mr. Bangawi, Director General of the Bureau of Labor Security & Employment of Angola, signed the handover certificate

The Project Team and the Embassy Chargée d'Affaires Chen Feng, Counsellor Lu Yuzhong, the Minister of Labor Dept.Teresa, and the Director General of the Labor & Employment Bureau Bangawi, took a group photo before the launch ceremony

      The project, located in Huambo City, Huambo Province, Angola, with a construction land area of 20,567m2 and a floor area of 6531.17m2, composed of the administrative theory teaching building, experimental and practical training factory and logistics & ancillary rooms was commenced on June 24, 2021 and completed on October 31, 2023. On January 11, 2024, China and Angola officially signed the project handover certificate, and on January 12, Angolan President Lorenzo personally cut the ribbon for the opening ceremony of the project.