Completion Acceptance of Fiji Suva Multifunctional Gymnasium Maintenance Project Evaluated Excellent

Tang Junjie Wu Junyi
2023/11/07 11:02
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    On October 13, local time, the maintenance project of the Suva Multifunctional Gymnasium in Fiji, which was undertaken by Zhongding International, passed a 5-day strict completion acceptance by the expert group of Beijing Construction Engineering Group and was finally rated as "excellent project".

    Deng Hong, director of the South Pacific Division of the Economic Affairs Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, said that the initial goal of Zhongding International is to do an excellent engineering, and now the result is the same, which is expected and deserved. He hoped that the construction technology team can finish follow-up maintenance work according to the recommendations of the acceptance group.


    Ma Guoliang, Counselor of the Chinese Embassy in Fiji, warmly congratulated the construction technology team on their excellent final acceptance. He requested that the training to local employees shall be done well so as to ensure a normal operation of the project in the later stage.

    It is reported that the project lasted 16 months for completion. During construction period, in order to overcome the impact of COVID-19 on the progress, the construction method of manual digging piles was adopted according to local conditions, which helped to complete the construction of 16 pile foundations for high pole lights in the hockey field in an environmentally friendly and efficient way and thus greatly reduced the construction period. The project handover work will be completed in the future, and personnel will be stationed for long-term maintenance of the project.