Participants of Seminar on Infrastructure Construction & Charging Methods in Algeria entered Zhongding International

2023/11/07 10:55
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    On Oct. 11, the Seminar on Infrastructure Construction & Charging Method in Algeria composed of 19 government officials from the Algerian Ministry of Water Resources visited Zhongding International for exchanges. The two sides shared ideas and exchanged views in areas such as project contracting, engineering construction, project management, corporate culture in Algeria, bringing about warm and friendly atmosphere.

    Yao Guoliang, deputy general manager of the company, introduced the company's entrepreneurial process in Algeria, shared the projects performance and brand reputation achieved during the past 33 years of deep cultivation in the Algerian market, and expressed his hope that through this seminar, the students could better understand the experience and practices of Zhongding International in the field of infrastructure construction in Algeria and better serve the development of infrastructure construction in Algeria.

    The students expressed their gratitude to the company for its warm reception, saying that Zhongding International is an excellent international engineering contractor with outstanding achievements and rich construction experience in Algeria. It is hoped that through this exchange and sharing, the cooperation between the two sides will be further promoted for mutual benefit.