Pan Xianlin Accompanied the Director of Angola's National Vocational Training and Employment Bureau to Meet with the Leaders of the International Economic Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce

2023/10/12 08:58
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       On September 18th, Pan Xianlin, Deputy Secretary of the Party Committee and General Manager of the company, accompanied Manuel, Director of the Angola National Vocational Training and Employment Bureau, to meet with Fan Wenjie, Deputy Director of the International Economic Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce.  

       Fan Wenjie welcomed the special visits of Manuel, Pan Xianlin, and others. She stated that the relationship between China and Angola has continued to develop since the establishment of diplomatic relations. This year, President Xi Jinping and President Lourenco exchanged congratulatory messages on the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Angola, opening a new chapter in the development of the strategic partnership between the two countries. The Angolan Vocational Skills Training Center project is an important project of concern to the leaders of China and Angola. The Cooperation Bureau attaches great importance to the implementation and management of this project, and together with participating enterprises, the Bureau will do a high-quality job in engineering construction while increasing the skill training of Angolan personnel. The Bureau are willing to work with the Angolan side to implement the consensus reached by the two heads of the two countries and the outcomes of the series of summits of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation, effectively assisting the Angolan side in developing vocational education and promoting economic and social development.

       Director Manuel thanked the Chinese government for its long-term assistance to Angola's infrastructure construction. Angola attaches great importance to the training of skilled personnel, which provides inexhaustible driving force for national reconstruction and economic development of Angola. Angola side will coordinate relevant departments to complete the follow-up responsibilities and obligations as soon as possible, and work closely with the project participation units to promote the smooth completion and early use of the project.

        Pan Xianlin stated that the Angola vocational and technical training project is an important achievement of the Forum on China-Africa Cooperation Summit, and Zhongding International is honored to be the general contractor of the construction project. With the high attention and strong support of the International Economic Cooperation Bureau and the care and guidance of departments such as the Angola Vocational Training and Employment Bureau, the project has progressed smoothly and achieved the expected results. Zhongding International will adhere to the spirit of this meeting, always insist on high standards of construction, accelerate the progress and acceptance work of this project, do a good job in providing service guarantee for the practical training and equipment training of Angolan personnel in China and closely coordinate the transfer and use of project, thus assist the development of Angolan vocational education, achieve high-quality employment and enhance people's well-being.

         Relevant personnel from the China Africa Department of the International Economic Cooperation Bureau of the Ministry of Commerce, as well as the heads of relevant departments and offices of Zhongding International, attended the meeting.